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It's easy to join our club!

First - Come out to a meeting as a guest!

As a guest, you may participate in any activity of the club (except for any voting that may occur). Feel free to watch others perform; share tricks of your own with the group; offer suggestions to others; etc.

Guest fees are $5 per meeting. You may attend a maximum of two meetings as a guest.

Second - Become a candidate for membership!

When you attend your third meeting, you are no longer a guest - you are a candidate for membership! As a candidate for membership, you are required to perform some magic for the members in attendance, for 5-10 minutes. You may choose any tricks you wish - and may be as simple or difficult as you wish.

Club members will be asked to vote on your request for membership after your performance. (But don't worry - Club members are looking for your desire, practice and appreciation of Magic - not necessarily on your skill level.)

That's it - you're now a member of the London Magicians Guild!

Regular club membership dues are required after joining the club. As well, it is expected that you join the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Club members would be happy to help you join this organization.